BIOGRÜNDL, SL expresses a firm commitment to the quality of its products and the service provided through the comprehensive management of the organization and orientation to customer needs. This commitment is identified through a series of specific objectives that ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product, according to good manufacturing practices for cosmetic and dermatological products.

BIOGRÜNDL, SL does not approve forced or coerced labor, as well as any form of child exploitation. Likewise, it undertakes not to test its products on animals.

BIOGRÜNDL, SL works to optimize the safety and quality of products under the Halal seal, guaranteeing compliance with all the requirements indicated in the Halal Regulation, as well as those established by all our clients.

Its market strategy is based on the following principles:

• Guarantee full compliance with legislation, current regulations and applicable environmental requirements, maintaining a conduct of permanent adaptation to them.

• Implement a management system based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22716:2007.

• Establish objectives and goals in accordance with the commitment to continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment and Good Manufacturing Practices Management System in Cosmetics.

• Identify and evaluate the derived environmental aspects in order to make efficient use of natural resources and minimize the production of waste by promoting its recycling and reuse.

• Comply with the requirements established by the corresponding certification entity.

• Training of personnel in order to seek their maximum participation in the management of the system.

• Guarantee that products under the Halal seal do not include or contain in their composition anything that is considered illicit by Islamic law, and that they are prepared, manufactured and stored using means that are free of any element prohibited by said law.

• Respond to customer needs and requirements.

• Offer a wide range of active and auxiliary materials, preferably of plant origin.

• Provide new concepts in formulation to satisfy the demands of an activity as dynamic as Cosmetics.

At BIOGRÜNDL we also strengthen our Corporate Social Responsibility through:

1. Responsibility regarding social principles and rights: we respect internationally recognized human rights and support their compliance. The remuneration and benefits paid correspond, at a minimum, to what is established by national legal regulations or by the respective economic sectors.

2. Equal Employment Opportunity: We are committed to providing equal opportunities to applicants and employees in all areas of employment, including hiring for newly created positions, training, promotion and compensation, and will not tolerate discrimination illegal based on race, religion or belief, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or any other status protected by applicable laws. All employees have the right to work and participate in employer-sponsored activities in an environment free from sexual harassment, ethnic, religious or other harassment, victimization, hostility and intimidation.

3. Fight against corruption and bribery: with the aim of being able to develop a sustainable and successful commercial activity, we convince with the quality and value of our products and services compared to those of the competition. We support national and international efforts to avoid altering or influencing free competition through corruption and we reject any corrupt behavior that could harm the company.

4. Labor and health protection: We assume our responsibility for the safety and health of employees. We guarantee labor and health protection within the framework of current national regulations as well as on the basis of BIOGRÜNDL's employee health and labor protection policy.

5. Environmental Protection: we assume the responsibility of continually improving environmental compatibility, the preservation of seas, oceans and marine life (blue concept) through the conception, design, production and distribution of our products. Biogründl, SL is a pioneer and leader in the sector, carrying out circular economy projects that allow the development of new business opportunities and more efficient sustainable strategies to produce/consume, optimize and extend the useful life of materials; as well as save energy and reduce the emission of pollutants. All our workers must use natural resources appropriately and economically, so that their activities have the least possible influence on the environment.

The Management promotes this policy throughout the organization, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory and customer requirements, adapting products to their needs and offering complete quality management in each of the processes. It is always about seeking a focus on continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Social Responsibility and Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics Management System.

This policy is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organization, is available to interested parties and has the support and commitment of Management.