Biogründl, S.L. was founded in 2002 in Barcelona, and now occupies a prominent place in the active materials sector for Cosmetology and Dermofarmacy industries.

Biogründl, S.L. is a company currently based in the province of Barcelona, whose activity is R + D + i in the field of active materials, new concept and current and dynamic approach.

Biogründl Station was founded in 2012 to satisfy the demands and needs for the cosmetics industry actives obtained from organic vegetables. Thus, Biogründl, S.L. acquires several farms all located in Tarragona province. The farms located in the region of Ribera de l'Ebre are adjacent and have PDO Montsant. Biogründl, S.L. also acquires the properties located in the municipality of Falset, PDO Priorat, the farm located in the municipality of Darmós and vegetable garden. 

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