Moisturizing serum

1. Aqua c.s.p. 100

   Carbomer 0,650

   Potassium sorbate 0,600

2. Glycerin 10,000

3. Caprylic/capric triglyceride 5,000



5. Triethanolamine 0,600

   Aqua 0,500

6. Parfum c.s.p. 100


Heat the water and 3. components at 75-80°C. Add carbomer on water incorporating it well with turbine agitation. Next, add 2. mixture components. 

Emulsify pouring out 3. components on 1.+2. components with turbine agitation. Continue stirring to complete the said emulsion (10-15 minutes). 

Allow to cool with slow stirring (paddle), at about 50ºC added 4. components, with turbine agitation. Add 5. mixture components with slow stirring (paddle). 

Continue stirring until complete incorporation. Finally, between 35 and 40°C, perfume with slow stirring.

Note: pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5. If necessary, adjusted with triethanolamine.

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