Biogründl Factory

Biogründl, S.L. was founded in 2002 in Barcelona, and now occupies a prominent place in the active materials sector for Cosmetology and Dermofarmacy industries.

Biogründl, S.L. is a company currently based in the province of Barcelona, whose activity is R + D + i in the field of active materials, new concept and current and dynamic approach.


Biogründl, S.L. is filling the gap that exists in cosmetic and dermatological active ingredients field, mainly occupied by large companies, which are engaged in marketing numerous products covering many fields of the chemical industry. In contrast to this concept, Biogründl, S.L. affects, exclusively, in materials for the Cosmetology and Dermatology area.


Biogründl, S.L. facilities are equipped with the most recent innovations and the company relies on its highly qualified staff who gives the adequate solution to the technical and commercial strategy of the company. 


His philosophy and business results has been based, since its foundation, on the following principles and standards:

  • Promote the enormous wealth that offers the Mediterranean coast, in terms of cosmetic active agents, especially, those derived from olive tree, vine and seaweed.
  • R + D+ i (Research, Development, Innovation) always up to date, in order to provide next-generation preparations.
  • Absolute preference in the use of vegetal origin matter against synthetic and, especially, those derived from animals. Absolute preference to use vegetal origin preservatives against those with synthetic origin.
  • Whenever possible, starts with materials from organic / eco-friendly or wild origin, against those with traditional farming.
  • Total declaration and commitment not to use animals in testing effectiveness.
  • Dedicate part of the research to active matters made according to the customer specification.
  • Studying the ultimate generation actives to treat local overweight; cellulite; ageing and other skin dysfunctions; hair problems, mainly those related to premature hair loss.
  • Advice to use the most appropiate formulations to include the recommended actives.
  • Constant innovation to satisfy the last market trends.
  • A particular Company activity is to research and provide actives for different ethnic skin types.
  • Fast and dynamic response to customer's needs with the corresponding personal assistance.
  • Contribution of new concepts in formulations to satisfy the proactive demands of Cosmetics.
  • Consulting and service assistance regarding health records, marketing policies, as well as the preparation of texts and technical and commercial brochures.

Market strategy

Biogründl, S.L. market strategy is based on the following concepts:

  • Fast and dynamic response to customer needs and personal assistance.
  • Contribution of new concepts in formulations to meet the dynamic demands of cosmetics.
  • Offer a wide range of highly specialized active materials.
  • Antiaging assets.

Biogründl STATION

Biogründl, S.L. has acquired 10 Ha of land, BIOGRÜNDL STATION, in Tarragona (Spain), which is used to ecological plantation to obtain their own raw materials. This way, Biogründl, S.L. ensures the origin and the obtaining of such assets.