Biogründl Station

Biogründl Station was founded in 2012 to satisfy the demands and needs for the cosmetics industry actives obtained from organic vegetables. Thus, Biogründl, S.L. acquires several farms all located in Tarragona province. The farms located in the region of Ribera de l'Ebre are adjacent and have PDO Montsant. Biogründl, S.L. also acquires the properties located in the municipality of Falset, PDO Priorat, the farm located in the municipality of Darmós and vegetable garden.

The two farms with PDO Montsant, the most easterly is called El Pouet d'en Tomàs, has an area of more than 6 hectares and belongs to the municipality of Tivissa. The other farm, further west, is known by the name of the Figuerassa, with an area of 3,5 hectares and is in the municipality of Mora la Nova. Both limit the north with the Barranco de Noia and south with a large and lush pine forest. The place is a privileged place, pure and solitary nature, away from roads and large urban centers. The nearest village is Darmós which has only about 150 inhabitants.

The properties located in the municipality of Falset, PDO Priorat, are called Les Tallades, with an area of nearly 5 hectares. The land located further west guarantee the production of organically prepared derived from grapes and olives. The land further east have in their lower part almond plantation; the middle part is dedicated to organic crops production and the upper part is occupied by a large and lush Mediterranean pine forest.

The farm in the municipality of Darmós, has the name of Tros Bossa, with an area of 2,85 hectares and planted with almond trees and other indigenous Mediterranean species.

Biogründl, S.L. has, also, a garden of 3,50 areas intended for special horticultural crops. Such garden is located in the village of Serra d'Almos.

The land of all farms is particularly suitable for growing native grasses of Tarragona, such as thyme, rosemary, rock tea, etc., as well as other Mediterranean species always own culture. Thus, the origin and obtaining are guaranteed. In all farms cultivation is done ecologically and the harvested product is fully intended for cosmetic use.

Biogründl Station has also built a research building and welcome customers who wish to visit these areas and facilities where various plant species are grown and treated following ecological standards and procedures.